TERANGA Trade Ltd. is specialized in providing quality and professional Import/Export services.

    We help worldwide companies which want to invest or trade with China and Africa.

    Our services cover areas from product sourcing, supplier verification, quality assurance,

    shipping arrangement, import and export, and other sourcing related services.


    Sourcing in China

    • Finding a suitable supplier
    • Negotiating the best commercial conditions
    • Improving supplier relationships
    • Defining product specifications that will meet your needs
    • Managing and mitigating all supply chain risks
    • Find the best logistics solutions for you

    Import to China

    Export from China

    • We will guide you all the way long through your first steps in the Chinese market.
    • Through our network, we help companies to connect with distributors in China and Chinese companies to buy safely in Africa.

    Consulting Services

    • Access African markets:

    Africa is an emerging market that vehicles as many opportunities for goods and services than challenges for accessing them.

    We are here to help you to identify and facilitate your implantation or operations in those emerging markets.


    • Access China markets:

    China is today one of the biggest potential market in the world. We believe that Africa's development is linked with the Chinese economy. We want to open up bigger potential markets in China to new promising African manufacturers and producers.