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    Teranga Valley Anniversary!

    Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 in Shanghai

    @Kempinski The One Suites Downtown

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    2 Year Anniversary Networking party

    With over 50 Speakers and partners over the years in attendance.

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  • About Us

    What is Teranga Valley

    Teranga Valley is a platform where like minded business people of any nationality in China can meetup and learn from each other.

    Our Belief

    "TERANGA" is a Senegalese word that means Welcome!

    We believe we are all in a learning curve so it doesn't matter whether you are a student or a professional.

    Everyone is welcome to join and share their valuable experience.

    What we do?

    We gather entrepreneurs and professionals to give speeches and motivate the new generation of entrepreneurs or people aspiring to become entrepreneurs.

    Come and Join us!

    Come and Join our events, have amazing discussions, listen to our successful speakers, and influence the future generation!

  • Africa-China: How to fully unlock Africa's immense potential?

    with Mr Hussein Askary

    Workshop: Hacking the Body & Brain

    with Matan Malavski

    WORKSHOP SERIES: Overcoming "Bad Habits"

    With Noah Namwamba

    ENTREPRENEURSHIP SERIES: "Power of the Middle"

    With Perpetua Mbali

    WORKSHOP SERIES: Differentiating your business in a crowded market

    With Kwame Antwi

    Africa-China: The Health Silk & Road

    With BRIX & Teranga Valley

    WORKSHOP SERIES: Maximizing engagement in virtual meetings

    With Dan Withers

    WORKSHOP SERIES: How to make the most of our time in this special period?

    With Maria Pastorelli

    WORKSHOP SERIES: Tiny Habits for Productivity

    With Jamie Dixon

    Africa-China: The Belt & Road Initiative

    With ZHU Ming & Barack L.J. BAO

    WORKSHOP SERIES: Strategic Foundations to Your Best Life

    With Ivana

    WORKSHOP SERIES: The Digital Customer Experience

    With Sebastien

    WORKSHOP: Rich Dad Poor Dad: Deep Dive Into Financial Freedom

    With Gwendoline & Ying Xie

    WORKSHOP: Startup Pitching in China

    With Y.C. ZHANG

    Entrepreneurial BURNOUT: Healthy Work Life Balance

    With Janine Jakob

    WORKSHOP SERIES: Visas, Career, Entrepreneurship & Investment

    With Julian Mintzis & Juliet Li

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    How to Improve & Maximize Engagement in Virtual Meetings / presentations skills

    Teranga Valley Webinar: How to make the most of our time with Maria Pastorelli

    Teranga Valley Webinar: Tiny Habits for productivity

    with Jamie Dixon

    De-Risk Your Business Idea

    with YC Zhang from the Startup Leadership Program

    The Belt & Road Initiative: Africa-China Series

    Sports & Heath discussion: Shanghai entrepreneur Ana Terra, Julie Costerg & Waldir Soares 17/07/2019

    Teranga Valley - Dean Diabate Alibaba Group employee importing Rwanda coffee in China

    Teranga Valley - 12/06/2019 in Shanghai, PR CHINA 

    Entrepreneurship Series: Huiling Zhao Chinese Vlogger about Africa (China - Africa)


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    WORKSHOP SERIES: Follow your intuition

    With Mai Stanek

    WORKSHOP SERIES: How to start a Fashion brand in China!

    With Ben FUSARI

    WORKSHOP SERIES: Story Power!

    With Larry Schuster

    WORKSHOP SERIES: De-risk your business idea

    With Y.C. ZHANG


    With Kobby Harding

    ENTREPRENEURSHIP TALKS: "My Startup failed & my Business succeeded"

    With Jay Bird


    How my passions helped me to shift my life

    With Sylvia Magia


    April is originally from China and she is a banker by profession. She quit her job 3 months ago with a vision to tell a new story between China and Africa.

    With April



    With Anne-Clotilde Obeniche, Akio Morita Sanga and Fausin MdISA, IDSA


    Free your potential!

    With Sophie Wajda & Colin C. Thompson


    Shift smoothly from Full-time job to Entrepreneurship or Dreamjob

    With Yoann Delwarde engineer by training and a human developer by passion!


    How I got a 2 million RMB investment

    With Wing Hang Mathieu TSE CO-CEO of Teranga Trade


    Meet Adja Founder of Lalu Raw Beauty

    Senegalese entrepreneur

    Sports & Health Panel 

    Julie Costerg, Ana Tera, and Waldir Soares


    Dean Diabate, an Alibaba Group employee, shares his insights on what it takes to build the first foundations of the import business between China & Rwanda


    Huiling is a native Shanghainese that grew up in Ghana, West Africa. She is now a vlogger that advocates for the Chinese audience to discover a different narrative of Africa.


    Ask Isabelle anything about sourcing in China!

    ENTREPRENEURSHIP:Why you should start seriously thinking about it while you are in China

    With Bichara ETIENNE.


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    Teranga Nights joins Freelance Lovers to celebrate Halloween

    Teranga Nights joins Freelance Lovers to celebrate the end of the summer!

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    SUMMER MIXER networking event and first Teranga Nights event!!!